Swiss Arrows for Mac.

Simple, quick, elegant, Swiss Arrows is an easy-to-use utility app that helps you manage your windows on mac OSX. Move and resize your windows as you wish with a single click or shortcut combination.

Video-demo: get an overall feeling on how Swiss Arrows works.

Available on the Mac App Store

Head Up Display Panel

A panel to control all your windows!

Show/Hide the simple and elegant HUD panel by using a shortcut. The panel is movable and is always over every window even if you change between spaces.

Just click on one of the 10 default window states buttons: full screen, half top, half bottom, half left,… to move and resize the selected window. Change the state (position and size) of your windows at once!

Move and resize with shortcuts

A matter of taste…

In addition, it’s possible to change the state of the windows directly using shortcuts.

Every window state (default, extras or custom) has a shortcut. Just check “Enable all shortcuts” in Shortcuts Preferences.

All of these shortcuts are “global”, which means that can be used at any moment within any application.

Custom Window States

Your own way

In addition to the default window states Swiss Arrows allows you to add up to 10 custom window states by “capturing” the position and size of the selected window.

Use them to move and resize your windows your way. Export these custom window states to save them or to import them in other mac.

The custom window states can be imported/exported between macs maintaining correct placement and size, no matter the screen resolution used.

Other features you will love


Export your custom window states to make a backup or to import them to other mac.

Move Between Monitors

Move a window to other monitor maintaining the same position and size.

Customize Usage

Disable the shortcuts or hide the buttons of the HUD panel that you want.

Centered Window

Three different sizing options for centered windows: no resize, screen size, screen percentage.

Undo/Redo Actions

Undo and redo Swiss Arrows actions (window state changes and multiple monitor actions).


Swiss Arrows is already translated to french, spanish, swedish and russian.

What people have said about Swiss Arrows

"Why Swiss Arrows and not another? Swiss Arrows only costs € 0.79 and has nothing to envy to other apps."

Applesfera (Spain)

"Swiss Arrows is one of those applications that do one thing and do it well."

Macworld Magazine (Spain)

"An elegant window manager for OS is a cheap and does what it should."

Allt om Mac (Sweden)

"Swiss Arrows is not only a convenient solution for fast resizing of windows, but it is customizable and adaptable to any requirement."

Mac for Dummies (Italy)

" Swiss Arrows - this is a simple and nimble app that makes it easy to manipulate windows on Mac OS X."

Mac Daily (Russia)

Available on the Mac App Store